Let's learn, develop and progress.

As an online retailer, we understand the power of digital - especially when it applies to learning.

Which is why we encourage and enable self-led, social and peer-to-peer learning to everyone in the business, anywhere, any time. Giving you the power to build your own skills within a network of some real industry experts, because this is how we learn best, from each other.

Think ‘lunch and learns’, impromptu talks in the Cube, meetups, and hack days.

As we continue to evolve, we give our people the freedom to create their own opportunities and shape a career path that’s as unique and adaptable as we are. It's about giving you the tools to build the career you want, not telling you where to go or how to do it. And it's about understanding that we don't need to follow linear paths to get where we want to be.

In fact, we've designed our working environment so that learning is a natural process, whether that’s through moving sideways into new areas of the business or developing capabilities on major projects.

At Shop Direct, we promise that your learning experience will never stop. And if you don't believe us, just ask our teams of engaged, supercharged people, who're always one step ahead of the game.

Introduction to Shop Direct.

Your induction into life at Shop Direct will start before you even walk through the door. We’ll welcome you into our team with open arms, and you’ll get a real sense of the purpose and core values that sit at the heart of our business. From day one, you’ll learn about everything from the history of Shop Direct and the journey it’s been on, to the exciting future ahead of us and the part you’ll play in making that happen.

Social learning at Shop Direct.

Online communities play a big part in Shop Direct life, especially with the learning environment – encouraging colleagues to connect and collaborate on a variety of subjects, from wellbeing, to data analytics and diversity in digital.

And they’re not just work related. There are a number of communities that have been set up by colleagues so they can chat and learn about subjects that matter most to them. For example, our Parent Diaries community that’s for parents or parents-to-be to come together and support each other as they learn to balance their way through work and life.

Learning gigs at Shop Direct.

We love learning gigs; 1-3-day learning events, held in Shop Direct’s purpose-built event space and filled with unique learning experiences designed to inspire our colleagues. These include internal and external speakers, social book clubs, 1-2-1 coaching and much, much more.